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Toroidal transformers, auto-transformers and chokes

Development, production and sale of transformers, auto-transformers, and other inductive elements on toroidal, UNICORE and ferrite cores.

Laminated insulating materials

The production of paper-phenolic pipes of the round and square cross-section is carried out using the Kraft low-absorbent paper with the phenolic impregnating material.

Electrical insulating materials

For heavy-current electrical engineering we cut various shapes and types of insulations of different materials.

Manufacture of cable trees, electrical control cabinets and installation of electrical equipment

This part of the production deals with wire harness assembly for the automotive industry, electrical control cabinets for the cooling industry, passenger lifts, lighting control, etc.

Toroidal transformers, auto-transformers and chokes

ELEKTRO KARBAN toroidal transformers, autotransformers, chokes, laminated insulating materials and electrical insulating materials

Elektro Karban

Our company supplies toroidal transformers and electrical insulating materials both to the Czech market and abroad, namely to Germany, Austria, Poland, Egypt and the Netherlands. Our major task is to adapt easily, quickly and efficiently to the customer requirements thus meeting his needs.

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