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Technology, development, production

Toroidal transformers, auto-transformers and chokes

Elektro-Karban has been engaged in the development, production and sale of transformers, auto-transformers, and other inductive components on toroidal, UNICORE and ferrite cores. Transformers are manufactured in the range from 5VA to 5kVA primarily on Ruff winding machines with the core diameter ranging from 15 mm to 700 mm. The mentioned technology allows the manufacture of these transformers at a proper ratio between the height and the core diameter. Transformers are manufactured according to ČSN EN 61558-1 as amended including the related standards.

Laminated insulating materials

The production of the paper-phenolic pipes of round and square cross-section is made using the Kraft low-suction paper with the phenolic impregnating materials. The paper-phenolic round cross-section tubes are manufactured with the inner diameters ranging from 3mm to 500mm according to EN 61212-3-1 in the E temperature class, including angular profiles. The production of fiberglass pipes is carried out using glass fiber with the epoxy impregnating materials with the inner diameters ranging from 40mm to 600mm according to EN 61212-3-1 in the F temperature class.

Electrical insulating materials

For heavy-current power engineering we cut various shapes and types of insulations made of various materials such as:

Manufacture of cable trees, electrical control cabinets and installation of electrical equipment

This production branch deals for example the assembly of wire harnesses for the automotive industry, electrical control cabinets for the cooling industry, passenger lifts, lighting control, etc.

Note: For more details see our 2015 catalogue.